Well, it's been nearly 11 years ...

The traffic on NBSSportishing.com has been at a crawl for the last few years and at this point, I see no reason to keep this place up and running. It was a good run, in fact a great run at times, but those days are done and this site is going to close down for good in the very near future. I have taken the forums offline while I ponder what may or may not be any next steps for this site. Part of me is considering a rebranding and setting up of a new forum community, bringing all this history across as an archive, but I have yet to make any decisions.

Thanks to those who supported us over the last decade!

... and to those who chose to malign us, threaten my family years ago (you know who you are, you scumbags, and I remember), or just act like 5 year olds, may karma bite you in the ass!

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