Rock fishing safety

Safety precaution for fishing on slippery stones and sharp rocks

If you love fishing in a rocky area, you should keep in mind the potential risks which your hobby poses for you. There are certain factors to keep in mind, as well as precautions which you can take in order to prevent incidents. Following just a few simple rules can avoid suffering from mild to serious injuries, and even fatalities.

Here are some tips for safe fishing on rocks.

The most important factor is the traction or lack of it which the rocks provide. In many cases, the rocks around the water are wet, rounded and can be covered with slippery algae. This makes them extremely dangerous for walking and stepping on, especially while you are concentrating on your throw or on the hook.

The easiest way to ensure that you remain safely on your feet while you are casting and fishing is to wear the appropriate rock fishing shoes. These should provide an excellent and reliable grip and a non-slip performance.  You can use one of the many rock climbing, hiking or wading shoes available, or any other shoes which provide good traction.

If you need to wade across cool streams on slick rocks, you should get wader shoes which will not only prevent you from slipping and falling, but will also keep you away from potentially harmful microorganisms inhabiting the water and will stop you from transferring them from one water area to another which can endanger the marine fauna and flora.

Also, if you are fishing alone, or in a particularly slippery rocky area, it is advisable that you wear a rock fishing life jacket just in case

Choose the best shoes for rock fishing also depends on the types of rocks you usually step and walk on while fishing. Some rocks are very sharp and can easily pierce your soles and cause serious injuries to your feet.  Keep in mind that even though the rocks where you usually go fishing are comfortable and dry to step on, in case of rain, they can quickly become slippery and dangerous too.

Wearing good quality polarized sunglasses is a must as well. They can help you see the fish while it is in the water but most importantly will help protect your eyes from the direct sunlight and will offer you protection in case your hook gets freed and comes back to your face.

It is essential to take the necessary precautions even when going on a fun fishing trip if you want your experience to be an enjoyable and incident free one!