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Thread: Finally got his Sailfish!!

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    Finally got his Sailfish!!

    Thousands and thousands of tourists come to Cabo every year, and a good percentage of those tourists will give offshore fishing a try while they are here. Most don't know a Mahi from a Marlin, they are just looking to have a good time on the water and "give it a shot" while in the sportfishingsport fishing capital of the world. Tom Plummer is not a tourist.
    Tom has been saltwater fishing in Cabo, as well as other locales in Mexico and the U.S. for 16 years. Tom is a fourth generation farmer from Lincoln, Nebraska, and took an immediate liking to offshore fishing during that first trip 16 years ago. And it was on one of his first trips that he saw all the other first- timers catching Sailfish.
    On each subsequent trip the Sailfish eluded Tom while he filled his cooler with Tuna, Dorado, and nearly every other fish the ocean had to offer. Tom had seen enough tourists catching Sailfish; he checked moon phases, tides, ocean tempeture, and tropical storm forecasts and decided if he really wanted a Sailfish, he would have to brave the August heat to do so.
    This trip Tom brought along his good friend Mark; after all someone had to reel in those pesky Tuna, Dorado, and Marlin. They booked four days aboard Reelrum and said a little prayer. Upon boarding the boat the first day Tom joked with Omar and Ramon, putting in his order so to speak, one Sailfish, Tuna and Dorado please. By 10 a.m. the order was fulfilled, as was the 16-year quest by a very determined fisherman. Tom caught his first sailfish, as did Mark, as well as several Tuna and some nice Dorado. Congratulations, to our good friend Tom Plummer. Buena Suerte........ jim

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    Nice! Getting the guy on his first Sail!:cool:

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    best feeling in the world. this guys no spring chicken and we were all delighted that he got his Sail! Thanks. Buena Suerte...... jim

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    ok....lets book a trip

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    could think of nothing better. if you can get together about 6 to 8 guys who want to go and experience Los Cabos fishing i can make it happen on the cheap on in VIP style. dealers choice! the fish dont care either way! Buena Suerte......... jim

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    i wanna go.......................jim

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    Great story a the first sail - I got my 1st sail in costa rica and will never forget it, I am heading down to Cabo next week - when will you be around ?

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