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Thread: Blackfish Skunk Wesbrook

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    Blackfish Skunk Wesbrook

    Fished out of Westbrook yesterday 10\15. The forcast was 5 to 10K out of the west seas 1 to 2 ft. What the hell was that all about. It was more like 20 to 25K at noon time when the 4 to 6 footers had us quitting early. Got to one of my favorite rock ledges only to find 5 other boats there ahead of us. Couldn't get near the sweet spot but figured we could get close enough. Nothing but shorts and a few small porgys. One of which got chopped up by a blue on the way up. So we played with the blues for a bit. It was too dam rough out there to keep moving around so we headed in early. Can't we get a break on a weekend? The dam wind is killing me. Gona have to take the next nice day off.

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    From waht i hear toggin has slowed around branford....But blues and bass are hot....Come on over Bruce......blow off a day this week, bundle up and come on the Full Moon.

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    Bruce, You weren't the only one surprised by the weather call (forecast).
    We went out for a couple hours Sunday Morning only to get bounced around.
    First drop got a big (est. 8+lbs) to the gunnel and off he came....apparently Maggie forgot what the net is for LOL, that's her story and she's sticking to it. LOL.
    Got two more taps over the next hour or so and no togs to go home.
    With Chuck's blackfish chowder recipe in hand and no fish to put in the stew.
    Came around the Kelsey breakwater to find those 1'-2's suspicously steep and tall.
    Did find one thing out in the new boat, it was actually much better ride and drier going 18-22 than 12-16 mph.
    Maggie was tucked under the spray dodger so either way was okay with her.
    Notice no wind today?!?!?!?

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