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Thread: weekend Report

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    weekend Report

    Left dock at 430 to gill net bunkas. 5 am back at dock, transferred the bait to a friends boat,Off to a reef near branford. We went thru an easy 75 bunker with the bluefish tearing up the bait , we figured by switching to bunker heads we would get around the blues and to the bass, they were so aggressive (blues) they were hitting the heads, which we found to be a trend this year..........I was, however, able to land a Nice Fat striper.

    Plans were to gill net with Gary "Sashimi", split the bunker and he would go his way with someone meeting him at the dock, I was to meet a friend from florida and go my way. My florida guest didn't make it to CT so i was to run alone, so we gill netted bunker, and his friend Paul hopped aboard with us and we ran out to the same sport...oh my god...what a day! we landed over 8-9 Really good fat girls, and blue fish from 10-18 pounds....., along the way we went through a hundred bunker in less than 2 hours. All that action was too good to leave be......with out any bait left we jig various jigs and landed only a couple blues....that meant Bunker was the ticket....We ran back in found a pod of bunker dropped the net, and in 5 seconds we had another hundred bunker....we grabbed a cooler of food and drink and raced back out.....landing a few more bass and went through about 75 bunkers!

    Pierr 66 blue fish tourny! I thought i was sure to win with the size from the day before. The action was furious, going through the 25 or so bunker fro the day begore, in 2 hours.but the biggest i could muster was 12.3.......not good enough to make the top 3....wich were 15, 13 and 12.7

    Both saturday and sunday the conditions were cold but calm....and both days turning to crap, sunday we dealt with 4-5 footer all the way back in.

    .......All in all a great weekend!!! The blue fish will diminis some, and bassing should get better.

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    Great report Chuck!

    I do hope the blues leave soon LOL......would be nice to be able to keep a bait on the hook longer LOL.

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    You have to thank you brother inlaw for chumming the water for me on sunday. My clients were happy with the bass but i think the ride in killed them.

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    Nice slick huh? I'm surprised you didnt get 3 bass.....he set 3 slicks out.....He was still drunk when we got to the dock....did you notice he dissapeared more than once? LOL

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    I went back there monday with 2 dozen swimmers and got the big skunk but i did get there about 10 am. thats about when it shut off on sunday. hit the west wall today for blacks and was greeted by 4 footers but managed 1 6 lber.

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    Tuesday was insane, tried to go this morning, got coffee and got the call...stay's howling. so here i am at the shop.

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