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Thread: A few Togs 10/17

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    A few Togs 10/17

    We headed out this morning 6 am .We saw the only bit of sun there was.We tried draggin a tube on our way out (nada) .We headed to Half acre rock .The waves were poundin us by now .Finally got the anchor set in 10 _ 16 feet of water at 58 degrees.I guess I had the lucky side today cause I landed 3 nice togs in about 45 minutes.My brother was catchin random short porgies.We may have done better but the ZIP ties kept breakin and we'd have to reset the anchor .I was tripling them up Big ones and they still snapped We had five footers coming over the bow :toothy7: After one wave soaked my brother pulling the hook we headed in.Heres a few pics I Hope

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    that first picture is f'in AWESOME...thats desktop material

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    Sweet......nice size to them ......

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