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Thread: Here is something I have not seen in a while.

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    Here is something I have not seen in a while.

    Took the boys out yesterday for stripers. My buddy didnt want to fish our same spot we have been for a few weeks now. So he took his boat. He went out behind Charles Island. Calls me on the cell phone and says"Hey brother we are into the falsies. Well, we were a good hour away and catching blues and stipers. 5 years ago I had huge schools behind the island all day and the only boat there. He calls me back to tell me that it was better than 5 years ago!! I said holy sh*t!!! I just might make a trip in this slop today or tomorrow. I have caught them from the mouth of the housy to charles island, but very spotty. Alot of casting and 1 or 2 hookups. Anyone else hit em between those points?

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    If there are that many you probably wont be alone out there. The word will travel fast.I've never fished them and not sure what to look for but last week in a rip near falkners island the birds were going crazy and fish jumpin but by the time we got there they were gone.We tried castin cast masters but no hook ups

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    We see them once in a while of be in the right place at the right never at that place at that time.....I'll get them in florida and be aggrevated that its not a wahoo or dorado. go figure.

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    Been passing through here (Branford) on and off for weeks. Watched them for 2 hours recently. I was toggin. Use a Deadly Dick. Sometimes they leap 2 feet out of the water. Cool little guys. Awesome fight.
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