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Thread: After work plugging question

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    After work plugging question

    The question is, "Why did I go to work?" Hit the local reefs and rockpiles for 2 hours of first of the incoming pluggin. Mixed bag of schoolie bass and small to large blues. Blues everywhere by the 1000's. Bustin on the surface all around the boat. I hate them. Two boats of fly guys were having a ball! Out of Branford Harbor. On Smilin Bill bucktails with 4 inch curltails.

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    Smilin' Bills are killer for all types of fishing! When I'm grabbing blues for a shark trip the day before, etc, that's the ticket. Bucktails are simple, cheap, and the best way to get them when they are schooled.

    I laugh at the guys runnin' & gunnin' trying to "chase" the schools as they surface, only to find they went back down as soon as they get there!

    Just stay in one spot and let it sink a little. The freakin' fish don't move that fast LOL, they just come up and go down, come up and go down (like a few girls I have known LOL)......some people think they actually move around that fast LOL.....meanwhile you can sit and slay them on a bucktail vs. the topwater plugs most guys use.:cool:

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