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Thread: 10/18 blackin

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    10/18 blackin

    Went out to the rocks yesterday in search of some blacks. All we could manage was 10 shorts, 5 short seabass, and 40 porgie. Then we moved off the rocks to the mouth to do a few drifts livelinin the porgie. One nice run and my buddy says lets go, I have never heard of porgie for bait. Into the river we go snag some bunker and to the marsh. We anchor up 5 minutes later he says ahh lets go there are no fish here. The pole i set up for him strarts rippin. He says thats just the current!!! The reel was screamin. His other buddy grabs the rod and sets the hook. A good 10 minutes later and up comes a whole bunker without a striper on the end.:mad: Oh well. I hate when a guy just has no confidence and all he does is bitc* while yer out there.

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    Sweet! Made the trip all the more worthwhile!

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    good job

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    a day on the water, with friends(even chronic complaining friends)catching fish...who cares if it was's "sport" fishing.....I only landed one blue today....tons of action and laughs....i made a few videos with my crappy how the blues swarm wounded bait. check em out.we had a blast!

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    halfpoint...that avatar rules

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