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    Eric Lundin

    I hope the spelling is correct on his name. Are you in contact at all with him? Can you let him know we have a boating safety forum now, and I would love his affiliation/input. I will put a call in to him as well as my fellow instructors at the D.E.P..
    Chuck Moon
    Safe Boating Instructor
    CT D.E.P

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    Greetings, Chuck - Just registered. I look forward to participating in the forum on boating safety / CT laws and regulations, and any Federal questions I may be able to answer.

    Thanks to you for being out there last week for Mr. O'Keefe - never did find the boat, right? He was very lucky to find his PFD - they DO save lives!
    Sgt. Eric Lundin
    CT Environmental Conservation Police

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    First I want to thank you for registering here, I think your safety input will be of great help to sportfishermen.

    I'm not sure if they even looked for the boat. I ddn't hear anything about that.

    As you know during our classes, we advocate not just having the required PFD, and having it readily accesible(both being the law) We really push wearing them. I always wished there was more funding in the US to offer BETTER PFD's at an affordable price that were more comfortable to wear.. Funny though the PFD he had on was the cheapest you could buy. the ones you get at any store for about 8 bucks. That PFD saved his life, it kept him afloat with his head above water for over 2 hours. I still wish type 1's were more affordable but i will tell this story at the classes, not to brag(ummm maybe a little) but to show a real life experience that lifejackets save lives, even the cheapies!

    Whats odd is Bob Scento or John Arnino haven't called me on this......maybe they are planning a big award plaque and ceremony??? LOL

    Thanks again for joining here, hope to see you over the winter at the re-cert classes.


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    Welcome to the site Eric!

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