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    NBSS Member Input

    Besides the laws and regs for various boats. We all have a trick or tip or two. Please post your ideas....This is as important as sharing fishing info. Bad things have a tendency to go bad quick, and your tip may save someones life.

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    PFD should be at hands reach when solo. That was proven this week. In rough water, the tether on kill switch should be hooked up when underway, and having one battery in my boat, I bring a battery booster in case a jump is needed. Don't use the stern to anchor.

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    I always locate the required safety devices when I get on someone's boat.
    I want to know where it's at and how to operate the boat too.
    You never know when you might have to be the one that everyone depends on for a safe return.

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    PFD should be within a handreach, period. I'll admit, they're not always when I'm out, but they're purdy close.

    Prior to EVERY trip, I run a basic safety check of my boat and gear:
    • Water In Bilge? (unexpected volume)
    • Bilge pumps working (notice plural there...important)
    • Batteries Charged
    • Steering free, chock-2-chock
    • Oil in resevoir (and extra on board)
    • Electronics check - VHF - GPS - Lights - Etc...
    • Kids in Life Vests
    • PFDs for adults within quick reach
    • Emergency Kit & Ditch Bag in reach (with portable VHF)
    • A few other checks and wiggles, just to be sure

    Takes me a total of 10 minutes or less, and the piece of mind is priceless, as anything can go wrong out on the salt.

    Be Prepared...the Boy Scouts were on to something with that.
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    also check all lights, On my boat, they are hidden from view while in the boat, so i need to peek over the bow to make sure they are on.

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    No BS

    I was on sinking boat, dog hair had fouled pump. Leaky decks and pet hair don't mix. It dont take much to foul most pumps.
    Keep your bilge clean.
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    file a float plan, or atleast let someone know your rough plans for the day.

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