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Thread: Ground Fishing Update

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    Ground Fishing Update

    It sure feels like a while since we have been groundfishing chasing bass and tuna as of late. Today we had on board repeat customer Gerald Schaffer from Rome, NY who after two cancellations picked a perfect day. On the way out of Green Harbor, Shelly stated she was hoping to see some whales and there have been plenty around on Stellwagen with them feeding on the abundance of sand eels which have been around. She and the other members of the party took in an impressive show of whales bubble feeding, and slapping their tails on the water.

    Once we dropped the lines, it started out slow as we were nearing the top of the tide and we picked up a few haddock, cusk a monkfish and a 17 LB wolf fish. Once the dogs got a whiff of the bait it was all down hill from there. After reeling up we headed east and the tide was humming. Realizing this was not going to work we headed west to a spot I remembered and the fish machine looked lit up with good signs of fish and bait under trhe boat.

    Deciding to anchor, we landed 35 big pollock, 17 haddock with some over 10 LBS, a 25 LB codfish and other smaller ones and a few more cusk giving these anglers some good eating table fare to bring back to NY. Most of the action was on jigs and grub teasers even though some quality fish were landed on bait.

    I hope everyone had a great day and thanks for taking the tine to read this report. I will post photos this week of the fish.


    Captain Dave Waldrip

    Captain Dave Waldrip
    Green Harbor, MA
    Capt Dave Waldrip

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    Great report Dave! Good to see some fish still being pulled out there! 8)
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