The MBCA held their shark tournament over the weekend, and there were some pretty weird results. Saturday when
there was no breeze and hence no drift there were eleven sharks weighed in, eight of them threshers. Most of the boats
that I spoke to spoke of having one bite, the fish they caught. Sunday there was a nice breeze and should have been ideal
for shark fishing, but not one qualifying fish was brought to the scales.

The results are as follows;
1st Place - WAKE - THRESHER - 479 lbs
2nd Place - REMEMBER WHEN - THRESHER - 334 lbs
3rd Place - SEA WIFE - THRESHER - 306 lbs
4th Place - WINDY - THRESHER - 282 lbs
5th Place - MY DENISE - THRESHER - 233 lbs
6th Place - DORADO - BLUESHARK - 222 lbs
7th Place - TUNA TALES - BLUESHARK - 213 lbs

The BLUEFIN IV caught a nice thresher on Friday, a day early for the tournament, 527 lbs

A lot of the boats were reporting seeing some 30-40 pound bluefins cavorting around, and a couple caught them as well.
Most of the boats that I spoke to were fishing east of the Butterfish Hole from around the 775 to 700 line.

Out at the Dip there were some legal sized bluefins being taken as well as some longfins.

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