We beat the weather for the most part. Had am open boat trip but only the group of 4 guys came out today playing hookie from work . Started out in the southcahnel area picked a few fish then moved over to that area off shore of the reef that we fished yesterday and picked a few more and so it went for the remainder of the day a few on each drop . J wound up with 5 or 6 to 5 lbs and they other J had 3 or 4 to 6lbs,B had a few to 4 lbs and m had a few as well everyone had a couple of keeper saebass. While I was aboard Captaint Mike ran the boat and did A great job of getting on every piece even in the wind against we had most of the day . While George kept. the deck running smooth. I was just there for a day of fishing and had 6 to 6lbs.mike had a few fish as did george so with my and the guys few the group each wound up with a nice filet bag. The 20 or so shorts(released) we had today filled in the slow spots. Around 2 the wind came up hard 40 plus mph and we had a washing machine ride back to the dock.Final count around 23 keepers and a hand full of seabass .All fishing was done with green crabs today we are in search or whites and will get them when we can

for info and reservations call Capt. Tony 917 560 8224