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Thread: Homemade COD Fish Jig

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    Homemade COD Fish Jig

    30 years ago we were pouring these dad and I poured and my brother painted .They weigh around 16 -17 oz.We fished the Yankee Fleet out of Glouster almost every friday over night trip to Georges Banks .These things work. When no one was catching fish on Norwegian Jigs we would be Captain Tom Hill would just shake his head.It got to the point where we sold jigs to there tackle shop because people were trying to buy them from us.They were not available on board till the tackle store supplied the fleet of boats .Since then I believe now a company manufactures one just like it:banghead:

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    Neat! - Careful with that lead - nasty stuff, so it turns out....

    Bizmuth and tin are close seconds - not as heavy, but lower melt points.

    I like the paint on that fella!!!
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    Sweet lookin Jig there Chuck!

    Funny how some things turn up years later as "new inventions" or "new techniques".......things that were used years ago or have been for years....

    If only you knew then what you know now.....!!!!

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