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    Pictures Could Not Describe

    There should be more of this, on and off the water. So I changing my posting habits just for today!

    My charter got cancelled the evening before due to ilness of my patron. I was due to be on the water at 430 to gill net with friend "sashimi" then do my charter at 530. I got the cancellation call, then shortly after got a call from a buddy that had scooped up 2 pales full of bunker. I knew fishing alone, I would only need a smaller portion of bunker, and "Big Paulie" had me covered, so I would get to sleep in aa bit. BUT I had commited to go with "sashini" to gill net, I am a man of my word so I knew the "sleep in" wasn't going to happen. Then I got a call from "stress reeleiver" who was to run solo, I said damn, i gotta get up with sashini so come on with us, and with me!
    We did just that on the water at 430...2 quick sets and we were fully locked and loaded with plenty of bunker.

    "sashimi" picked up his crew, stress and i left to the sound. we altered ourr plans half way to the prearranged grounds, sashimi headed to his area, we talked to "REEL CRAZY" on the radio, then BIG Paulie, and "spence" and 2 others....all fishing different areas!...we had every spot covered!

    as the sun started to glow behind the horizon, not one of us were into fish, then Stressreeleiver had a drag screamer on....we lost him 10 feet from the boat, still not hot enough to call the troops.

    Reel crazy did his thing with no luck, then moved to the only spot left unattended. sashimi, got a blue at his spot, paulie was just setting up a mile or so away from us.

    As the sun poked up ....we got into fish...we radioed to all that we wre into stripes and blues, before long we had everyone sharing our spot, and everyone was catching blues and bass! the frigid morning temps were warming up, the wave condition was less than an INCH.....and we all were sharing the same area, all catching , all of us talking back and forth, sharing bait, paulie left his sinkers back on the dock, it didnt take long for a handfull of lead to be on his boat, we shared laughs, fish, lead, and even an ice cold beer at the end of the morning. at one time Stress and i had doubles on....we thought we wre the experts when i took a scan of the area.....every boat..I mean our whole fleet was hoked UP!!!!! Reel Crazy's guys were hooting , as the were boating a afat ass bass!

    THIS is what it's about, all friends, al sharing all catching, Instead of hiding and tryuing to keep all the fish to was great, every drift there was talking between boats.

    I took a shot of reel crazy with the BIG bass his patrons boated....just before taking the pic, I asked the guy..."hey you guys kept that little fish???" they Looked at captain Pat, pat looked at them, they looked back at me and i said " Just kidding thats a fat ass bass....the whole fleet heard it and there was a big eruption of laughter.

    I emailed pat and sahimi their pics, I was going to "mount" one of my bass...but it was one of those days, i would rather have the fond memory rather than the photograph!

    Thanks to all that shared the ,morning with me!

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    Chuck you are right that was a great morning. I have to say it was the best of the year. As you captains know the charter business can be very stressfull and cut throat at times between keeping on the fish and competing with the other captains. As Chuck knows I have had my arguments on the water but days like this one make it all worth it. Even if it only happens a couple times a season.
    There should be more sharing of info. Not only between the captain but between everybody. Chuck and I have been sharing info and hot spots and bait for 2 years. Last year my spots produced most of the year. This year it was chucks spots. If we didnt exchange info we still would have found the fish but we would have burn alot of fuel and wasted time on charters. sunday was a perfect day not just because of the weather or the fish caught. It was the team work of all the boats.
    If anyone ever wants a fishing report for the New Haven area just send me an email. I will let you know where i have been getting the fish.

    Thanks for the picture Chuck

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    you think after sharing spots there is any fish left?

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    do i ever kid......

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    LOL...too funny

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