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Thread: Sharking 7/7- 7/11

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    Sharking 7/7- 7/11

    Hi All,
    Three offshore days out of the past five with charter groups. Some blue dogs.. a decent 150-lb. mako, and a very nice 350+-lb. thresher that just about killed the angler who fought it. He had to give the rod up when his back started to give out on him.
    I've been running out of Pt. Judith & Newport so we've fished locations from the Gulley east to south of MV.
    The mako took a bluefish fillet with a Mario's Squid Strip- root beer. The thresher hooked up on a mackerel run deep right at the boat. That fish took an hour and a half to land although we had it up in less than three minutes. It was just a little too green to think about end game at that time.
    Yesterday, the storms running to the north made for tough fishing and even tougher sea conditions. Didn't get skunked, but it took awhile for the bluedogs to find us. Had to come back to the dock a litter earlier than scheduled due to the deteriorating conditions.

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    Great report Bill!

    (The shark trip I was going on today got cancelled due to uncertain weather, particularly the severe T-storms they are predicting.)

    Trying for early next week on that trip, but still in the Nyman's Tournament Friday/Saturday. 8) Going out for bait (hopefully) today after work off Newport. 8-)
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