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Thread: A great Day to be out

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    A great Day to be out

    With the weekend looking so Bad I fiqured I better get out while I could. The morning started out bad. I got down to my boat around 5 am Steped inside it and slipped on ice on the deck while i was holding my cooler of bunker. So down I went and the bunker and ice went everywhere. I cleaned that up and had to run up to my car to get the Ice scraper to clean off the windows on the boat. Finally I got out on to the water. I ran out to the ledge and started making drifts. Every drift ended up with a blue fish. I kept at it and just before the tide turned I hit a striper around 40 inches. tried a few more drifts but lost the tide. My next move was to the west wall for blackfish. Dropped anchor tied off to the wall and for the next 30 mins or so I didnt even get a bite. So I left the wall and headed to a wreck I have been wanting to try and im gald I did. It wasnt none stop action but very steady. Im not sure how many Blacks I got but it was quite a few. I kept my limit and released the rest. All the blacks were in the 4 to 8 lbs range. Ran back to the dock about 3.

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    Slippery start but a good day overall!

    Treacherous time of year LOL....ended up in the drink at the ramp 2 years ago when I slipped on the icy gunnel of my boat.....was 25 degrees out.

    The one day I forgot an extra set of clothes.....

    I put my Grunden's bottoms right on over my wet clothes, took my wet shoes off and out my rubber boots on, sucked it up, and headed out (5AM lol).

    Wasn't about to ruin the day for my crew. Froze my ass off, but as soon as the sun came up, my dark green Grunden's warmed me up like and oven and dried me right out.

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    nice day....i struggled....i'm gonna swith to togs now......

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    a fine catch

    looks like you guys had a fine trip .

    25 deg. wet clothes 5am brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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