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    Bowline Knot

    The Bowline Knot is one of the most used loop knots. This variant is most used in the world. Probably due to its simplicity, security, and its relationship with the Sheet bend. Keep the cross point in step A between a finger and thumb and make a clock-wise turn with your wrist. Without the loop in between, it is the same knot.
    If the loop is expected to be heavily loaded, the bowline is, in fact, not secure enough. There is a rule of thumb which states that the loose end should be as long as 12 times the circumference for the sake of safety.
    The Bowline
    "Lay the bight to make a hole
    Then under the back and around the pole
    Over the top and thru the eye
    Cinch it tight and let it lie"

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    Ah the old....
    ...Rabbit comes out of the hole
    ...runs around the tree
    ...goes back into the hole.

    at least that's how I learned it. LOL
    This knot is a must know how to tie it knot!

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    Its used until you get to rescue work, then the figure eight knot takes over.
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