Got to the dock at 5pm....waited with brotherinlaw at the dock for a little while, at 530 we went to a bait shop in Branford to get some sandworms to do some tube and worm trolling. we planned on anchoring with bunker or drifting live bunkers,but the conditions werent going to allow that, there was a chop in the river which is bad for snagging bunker, and wind against tide would make anchoring...well...not fun.

the worms we got were tiny tiny tiny....i cant believe a tackle shop would stay in business with the attitude they have, and the poor quality bait. thats a story for another time.

We finally saw a break in weather and headed out....nice cinditions!!!!! coud have anchored but now we were rigged for t&w trolling.....every pass for 12 passes produced fish, mostly all small blues, the biggest being maybe 4 pounds, also produced 3 bass...all small...25", 27", 28"

all fish were sent back swimming.The tubes we used were yellow, blue, and black...the blue tube produced 80% of the fish

Back at the dock by wendy's by 9pm home by 10-----crapping out the wendys.....AWESOME

Bythe way...trolling tubes are available on my website---in the Tackle Shop section!