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Thread: Best Smeltfishin in boston Harbor in years

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    Best Smeltfishin in boston Harbor in years

    Guys its almost over up here in boston for bass,blues, tuna and codfishing will be severely restricted Nov 1st. however if you want to go fish for one the tastiest things that swim youre in luck cause boston harbor especially the marinas over by the charles river locks and in east boston and winthrop are LOADED with Smelt how do you catch them thats easy a smelt pole or a bamboo pole old fly rod anything about 7-8 foot long with some dacron line connected to a line winder on the bottom part of the rod you can make one out of wood or wire on the end of the dacron attah a mono leader of 5 feet 8 lb test to that aatach a small teardrop ice jig or a swedish pimple size 2 or a smalll kastmaster or a 6 gold aberdeen hook with a small weight.the choice is yours then for bait use a small piece of seaworm nitecrawler or grassshrimp. fish them a pole lenght down and adjust the depth look for a rod tip to jiggle or the line to move slightly sideways to inicate a smelt is mouthing your bait. tocatch him or her lift and swing the fish onto the dock do not set the hook like a bass just lift the rod and swing oit over, good luck Pete santini ps fry them in flour and cornmeal youll see what i mean

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    thanks for the info pete, always wondered what smelt were bad about the codfishing..would have liked to grab a few trips before spring..............jim....

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    Pete, can you use a small fishing pole, i am heqding up to boston for business, and will have a day free to play....but the LAST thing i need is another fishing pole, especially a homemade bamboo pole!

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    With the Cod restrictions, guys will be just looking for things like this to do! LOL

    Never tried smelts honestly, but some in my family like 'em fried up.

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