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Thread: Thunder, Lightning and alot of Bass

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    Thunder, Lightning and alot of Bass

    I took a evening trip with a good friend Captain Mike Casey Wednesday night. The conditions werent the best. stiff SW wind, tight 3 footers and Thunder storms. We started chunking frozen bunker and had some action but not what we were looking for. The bass were around 30inches. We needed to find fresh bait. Ran back in to New Haven Harbor and dropped the gill net. within 10 minutes had our bait and ran back out. It was like flipping a switch. The Bass were hitting and hitting hard. our 30 inch fish were now 38 to 42 inch. Our total for the night was 13 bass from 30 to 42 inches and alot of blues to 7 pounds. It always a great night despite the conditions when your throwing back 40inch fish. Back to the dock at 12:30 am. Ran back down this morning to clean the boat and pick up the fish.

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    very nice bass pat.............way to go.......................jim

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    Nice load of bass 8)
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