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Thread: The week in review

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    The week in review

    Well it has been a while since my last post, here is the last week

    I had a good break and some high expectations . The hardest part of the Striper game these days is finding the bunker and I was coming up 0's. Went looking in the boat and found nothing, and the wind was picking up.

    Drastic times call for drastic measures.

    I went in the truck with the cast net and went looking, I found them in NH way up by Orange Blvd. Threw the net and filled up the tank in my truck, and flew back to the boat, transfered the bunker to the boat and was looking better. The wind was blowing and I thought a trip up into the rivers might be the ticket as the bunker seem to be way up the rivers whether it be Housy, West, Q or Branford.

    Headed up instead of out and made the right choice. On Monday I was into about 12 fish the samllest 37 inches, and 6 over 45 inches. Kept 2 for the table and the rest went back for another day, but the monkey was off my back, I felt like I was out of my rut. And only 2 blues the whole day.

    Hit it again the next day, with a repeat routine on the bait. It was a little slower fishing with only 5 keepers, but the last fish of the day worked my last swimmer and turned out to be 42 lbs, he took it like a submarine surfacing, great to wtach at only 15 yds from the boat and in 8 feet of water.

    Then the wind came from the weekend, and the shift was on. Headed out yesterday to all the outside and inside spots, it was DEAD, and the water is filthy. The bait has vanished in NH entirely, and
    u have heard it appeared in milford, although that is not confirmed.
    I did scrap up a few swimmers from my good friends Chuck and Matt yesterday, and kept them for the AM today.

    To add insult to injury, the water was dirty, and I had 3 swimmers left. Well I found some fish and they did not want to eat, they just wated to pound the bunker to death and leave them. I have seen this befotre, but usually it is 1 fish that may act this way. I watched a few fish 10 yds form my stern take the bunker...crush them, shake the hell out of them and spit them out. No interst in eating today, just killing and leaving them.

    I am not sure what makes them do this on occasion, but it was they way it went. It took a while, there were certainly not a lot of fish around, but all 3 times the same behavior.

    Anyway, that it is it in a nutshell.

    If anyone has seen the bunker in the last couple of days please post back, the clock is ticking and the bait seems to be a bigger issue than the
    general lack of fish,

    Good luck to you all.
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    Wow...great post! Detailed! :cool:

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    that's incredible detail......there is a small amt of bait in branford, gill net is the only way...kind of a crap shoot.
    did the fat chick sing?

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    Whoa That must of been an awesome sight to watch .Fish Killing other fish just because it can. Awesome post . No Bunker in Guilford to speak of.

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    Do you think it's over? Often late season storms bring the curtain down on bass and blues. And I just bought a pail of eels! Well, maybe the togs will cooperate.
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    Get that fat chick back in the barn or wherever the hell she lives?. I?m going out in the AM and getting into some major fish!!
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    You Got The Attitude.........shut Dat Fat Chicks Pie Hole

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    Great report. I hope the water clears and the action heats up for the weekend. I have gotta get one more bass to end the year.
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    Haven't seen bunker in Clinton in a week or two now.
    Hickory shad are around in the river which tells me the bunker have left there.
    I've noticed that as soon as the bunker schools show up, in the rivers the hickories vanish, in those pools.

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