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Thread: Cod and Tuna Report July 14th

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    Cod and Tuna Report July 14th

    JR Carlow from Jamestown, RI fished aboard RELENTLESS on Friday, July 14th on a picture perfect day. Using bait and jigs the group managed excellent numbers of wolffish, haddock, and pollock. On this trip, cod were scarce but they did have excellent fillet weight by the end of the day. The highlight of the day was when JR was dropping a crippled herring to the bottom using an egly stick matched to a Torium 30 when the rod doubled over. JR was hooked into a bluefin which took off like a freight train. After a lengthy battle a gaff was sunk into the fish which measured 57" and was around 100 LBS. This was the highlight for everyone aboard the RELENTLESS providing this party with additional steaks and sushi from this beautiful fish. Now is the time to get oout on a cod trip or mix it up a little with cod and tuna or shark. the last two trips have been excellent with good numbers of legal fish coming aboard. Please give us a call if this is something you are interested in.

    Capt Dave Waldrip

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    Great Report !! That is awesome, Groundfishing and landing a 57"/100# Bluefin....Totally Schweeeet !!
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    Awesome report Dave, great job on the BFT! 100#er makes a lot of sushi! 8)
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