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Thread: Rod Repair Parts

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    Rod Repair Parts

    If you Feel creative or bored over the winter months Here's a few Links for Parts

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    I have a couple of tips that I need to replace this winter. How can I tell what size to buy?
    bound to cover just a little more ground

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    Zac, I See You Are In Ri, But I Use Dee's Bait In New Haven Ct, They Replace All My Stuff, For Cheap! 3 Bucks For A Tip.....installed, Can't Go Wrong Supporting A Local Guy. I Am Not Sure What You Have Near You. Just My 2 Centavos.

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    Zac S


    The barrel of tip tops is measured in 64ths of an inch. You want a snug fit as a thin coating of Flex Coat Ferrule cement is stronger than a thick coat.

    I do not like to use 5 minute epoxy for installing tip tops. Once the epoxy hardens the temperature to melt the epoxy is too high and may melt the tip of the rod. Ferrule cement melts at a much lower and blank safer temperature.

    If the tip top does not pop off with moderature applied temperature then it is safe to assume that 5 minute epoxy was used. Now you use a file or Dremel tool to cut thru the barrel but not into the blank. Use diagonal pliers to pry/bend the barrel away from the blank.

    Do not use hot glue guns for installing tip tops as the melting point is too low. During a hot summer day when the inside opf your car gets over a 100* or so you may find the tip top in a different position relative to the guides. Ha, I know, it happened to me in the past.

    Many times it is easier as stated above to go to your local tackle shop. They have many sizes of tip tops in stock.

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