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Thread: Trim will not stay up on my 1998 90hp Johnson ocean runner.

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    Trim will not stay up on my 1998 90hp Johnson ocean runner.

    Back in August the trim started to leak down when I placed the motor up out of the water. It would leak all the way down in about 10min. I had a shop look at it and the first thing they tried was replacing the manual bypass valve. Unfortunately they could not get the valve loose. They told me if they put any more pressure on the valve it would probably snap and I would need a whole new trim unit to the tune of $1500! I told them to stop and leave it alone. The leak-down has slowed somewhat and sometimes it even stays in the up position indefinitely. I have read about the trim system since then and it looks like it could be one of a few things. Trouble shooting goes like this, replace manual release valve.. problem not fixed?.. replace valve body? not fixed? Replace trim system.

    I asked the mechanic whom first looked at it why he felt I needed a whole new trim unit right of the bat. He said that the valve body is probably corroded also and in his experience most of the time the valve body doesn?t fix the problem.. sooooo I would spend $$ for new valve.. new valve body.. then still have to buy the whole new trim unit! He thinks its best just to get the new trim unit right at the start!

    My plan is to have them try and replace the manual valve if it snaps? it snaps.. if we get lucky and it comes out I may save some big $$. If it does break I am thinking of buying a new trim unit online and replacing it myself. I can get one for around $900. It seems to be a straight forward job?.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    my advice....

    pay "bills boat repair" do it, it's worth the money to have no aggravation.

    it's not the advice you wre looking for, but it's really good advice!

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    Start spraying everything that looks like it moves with PB Blaster Penetrating oil If you have a small propane torch run some heat on everything also .Not a lot of heat just enough to warm it upkeep spraying it daily try loosening each day just a bit sooner or later that oil will free it up. You may want to give this place a call all used parts or new Located in New London under the bridge Lots of Johnson parts

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    I repair alot of these the seals go often
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