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Thread: Fat Bottom Girls-Branford-2 days-Limits of cows

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    Fat Bottom Girls-Branford-2 days-Limits of cows

    Weekend roundup of Fat bottom girls--both days LIMIT of Stripers....from 18 to 40 pounds

    Saturdays Guided Tour of Stripers....
    Thoama,Su, & Isiah (Isiah helped Nate the bait, and captain the vessel )
    We had hot action from the first drift...when it finally slowed after a full Limit of cows...we moved to go for a ride...encountered a pod of bunker in open water and snagged a few and let em swim away from the pod for some cool Blue fish attacks....
    all fish from 18 to 39 pounds

    Sundays Guided Tour With Brian and Shawn(brothers)
    Brian had the Hot Stick....We fished deep water for these...then after the sun was high we went to anchor and chunk for bluefish...and within five minutes brian had a 30 pounder...unexpected!
    ...the big fish tipped 40 pounds

    AllPics on the website

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