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Thread: RELENTLESS Sunday

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    Captain Curt took out a repeat charter on Sunday for some fantastic dog fishing. Also in the mix were haddock caught on bait east of Stellwagen Bank. The doggies have been tough and today at the New England Fisheries Groundfish Committee meeting where I stopped in and saw many familiar faces, it was brought up to the PDT that if no action is taken to get the dogfish situation under control we will have no groundfish.

    I spoke to a local captain this evening whose friend had 5 tuna hook ups today on Stellwagen with the largest over 55". It may be time for one more day of dragging rubber and haul the boat due to the current situation and regulations. I guess there is always next year to get guys from here out again once we can legally take cod fish again starting 01 April.

    Captain Dave Waldrip
    Capt Dave Waldrip

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    Thanks Dave, too bad on the crap fishing our there.

    The damn Spiny Dogfish need to be massively controlled at this point. We worked a large area on Coxes, only to find the little bastards within a 2 minute clam soak, nearly every drop, and they were big.

    You are right, they are destroying the groundfishery, by eating anything that will fit in there mouths...can you say all juvenile everything down there?

    Shoot on sight:


    Think about it, these things live anywhere from 25 up to (estimated) 100 years...

    The spiny dogfish shark reproduces via aplacental viviparity and bears live young. About 2-11 pups are in each litter, these pups are between 8-12 inches (20-30 cm) long. The gestation period is the longest of any vertebrate, about 18-24 months after a winter mating. This is longer than elephants or whales.

    Male dogfish reach maturity at 11 years old; female dogfish reach maturity at 19-20 years old.

    That's simply insane...
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    What Brad said Dave! LOL

    Sounds like what we had ...... doggie after doggie after doggie.......

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    I didn't see you pop in. You shold have hung around until we had a break and said helllo. Anyway, see the new post I'm about to make for some news.

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    As Dave said dogfish were everywhere about 15/1 against the haddock .Had to keep moving to get haddock in the box.The ones we did get were good size.
    Possum you are right somthing has to be done .

    Capt.Curt Maxon
    "we are a full service charter boat"

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    If something can be done about the dogfish,what is it??
    Years ago when I went out on a charters all dogfish were killed.

    Good to have the RELENTLESS back on line
    Looking forward to go fishing with you in the SPRINGTIME.

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