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Thread: Marilyn jean Charters Moons got them off their feed but It was still ok

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    Marilyn jean Charters Moons got them off their feed but It was still ok

    Tuesday 10/07/06 Fishing was a little off today. Capt. John had 6 anglers out and fished many drops and nothing seemed to produce well for us .Fishing a combination of whites and greens with no real difference between the two. Joe , Charlie , and Billy all wound up with their limits up to 5lbs and Marty had a few and won the pool with a fish around 8lbs . Hank and Dave hade a few each and a bunch of shorts (released)John had his limit and a fish that went around 11lbs all told 40 some odd keeepers and the shorts . Very little wind or current today surprising coming off the moon. Looks like were tied up tomorrow but its looking ok after Thursday.

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    Not bad Tony! Your title made it sound like it'd be worse, but not bad actually!

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    those Moon's ...I tell ya

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    still sounds good.........................................jim

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