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Thread: 11/11 tog fun

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    11/11 tog fun

    Sat AM toggin success. Got out with Matt on the Stress Reliever this AM. Hit the latest honey hole and watched Matt bail the togs while I contributed nada. Ended up with 6 nice keepers and threw many back. I caught 2 throwbacks. Matt caught all the rest. Again the bite turned off quick. Stopped at my marina on the way in to filet the fish. Then went upriver to the ramp to pull Matt's boat. We were greeted (SURPRISE!) by the Encon officer. I'm glad we obey the law. We had to convince him we had fileted the fish at my marina and not out in the boat. (you have to save the racks if you do that) He said he had just pinched 2 guys with 14 togs! GOOD! (limit is 4 per man) Still have my boat in the water and my nephew Billy's boat. Two, maybe 3 more weekends.
    Out of Branford, on greenies, in 5 - 12 feet of water.

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    Nice trip!

    We have a group of 3 guys up here....I see em at the ramp almost every day I'm there (recognize their spacone truck too).....they keep everything that comes in their boat, small, over the bag matter.

    One day they'll get pinched. They were there friday and saturday, and I wouldn't doubt yesterday too.

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    how did you talk out of having fillets?and no racks? havent seen the encon in branford ever, nice to see they are there, good for them busting those guys.!!

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    We explained that we stopped at the marina to filet all of the fish on the table and that Plugmeister was just helping me get the boat out of the water. I think the fact that the boat bottom showed all of the signs of being in the water all year certainly helped with credability. An we did show him the filets and all of our keepers were large enough to get a good filet off of.

    I was more worried about gettting a ticket for not having the boat trailer registered.
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    You Law Breaker

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