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Thread: Blackfishing in the Rain

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    Blackfishing in the Rain

    Since my boat is out of the water I took a ride out with my friend Captain Mike for some Blacks. The conditions were great except for the rain. It took us a few tries at anchoring before we got over the wreck but once we did it was HOT!!! We limited out within a couple of hours with Blacks between 3-8 lbs. All caught on green crabs and 1/0 circle hooks.

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    oh? where? full moon is still least for another week....still time to get together.

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    Why such tiny hooks? I use 4/0 and 5/0 and catch plenty of togs. 1/0 are trout/sunnny hooks.
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    Good catch there, but like Plugmeister the hell do you get a crab on a 1/0?
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    When a friend had me try 1/0 cricles I said the same things but I have to say they work very well. I even do well dead sticking with them.

    Chuck I got them at the wreck again. Its had been out producing the walls

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    Nice catch Pat. I am gonna try to hitch a ride on other boats for thenxt few weeks myself. My boat came out yesterday
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    Nice catch!

    I don't and won't use circles for Togs, but I do use 2/0 Gamakatsu Octopus.

    Small mouths, small hooks

    1/0 in my fat fingers, tho, I'd be coming in at the end of the day with 80 hooks hanging out of my fingers LOL. 2/0's are bad enough to handle LOL.

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    i gotta get to the wrecks...I keep saying it...but i'm still in, and i really want to get there or the other one.

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