"A Time to Fish" July 19, 2006

At this point in the fishing season, we are more than half way through it. The sea temperature has reached almost seventy degrees, and almost everything is biting. It's clearly a time to fish. As I walked the docks at Shaffer's in Mystic, I noticed a shower of baitfish leaping for their lives. A sure sign that the snapper blues are here. These toothy little bluefish may be small, but are just as aggressive as their larger adult, eating machines. Snapper fishing in New England is often the root of an up and coming angler. As early as 4- 5 years of age, children can learn to cast with a closed faced rod and reel. The most popular lure for snappers is called a Kastmaster. This silver and blue tiny metal spoon appears like a shiner. One of the growing snapper's favorite meals. In Connecticut, you are allowed to keep ten fish of any length. Many of the area bridges where water flow is good are typically good for snapper blues.
Fluke catches continue to do well all over in recent weeks. On the inside, high numbers have been caught between Ellis Reef and White Rock , as well as Noyes Shoal off of Stonington. If you don't have the time, or you're not comfortable with going out further, these areas can give you some great fun in numbers, but lack in fish size. The best recent catches have been brought in from the south side of Fishers Island and Lords Passage. Cheryl at Shaffer's Bait and Tackle in Mystic weighed in a 7.25 and an 8 pound fluke on Sunday. Both fish were caught before 11 am in about 45 feet of water, near South Beach Fishers Island.
Porgies (scup) are picking up out near the Latimer lighthouse and Enders Island as well as some rare catches of sea bass.
Allen Fee, captain of Sea Dog Charter's in Mystic reported some good bass and blue catches near buoy 21 at Middle Clump, as well as Race Rock and Sugar Reef.
August is just around the corner, time to start looking for those little tuna fish such as bonito and false albacore. Stock up on Needle Eel and Deadly Dick lures and put on some good line.

Catch em up!
Capt. Allen Fee
Shaffer's Bait and Tackle / Sea Dog Charters