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Thread: Fish Tales -Everyone has one

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    Fish Tales -Everyone has one

    Reel Draggin' Tackle Log 2 June 2006
    Canyon Run 03-2006
    Its early in the year and the Reel Draggin' Tackle crew was invited to fish aboard the Muff Diver out of Ocean City. Its one of the first runs of the year for the Muff Diver, and Captian Riley wants to put the boat and new mate through the drill. Joe Riley, Captain of the Muff Diver invited us to bring our tackle, our own gear and he opened his cockpit to my crew with his new Mate Joey explaining all of the Diver?s gear. We arrived at the boat with 12 AVET 4/0 2-speed reels and a host Reel Draggin? Tackle spreader bar spreads, Rainbow, Blue/white, Green and our new Green Draggin? Slammers. Captain Riley looked over our "little blue reels" and light weight bars, and called me to the bridge. ?I told ya we were going for Big Eye, and you bring a knife to a gun fight? Son, you get one shot and we yank your gear out and my 50?s go in.? Captain Riley says. My only response, ?Thanks for the shot Captain?. When the boat slowed and it was time to set lines, we decided to use blue/white outside and long and the new Green slammers inside and short. After an hour, there is a report of a triple Big Eye hook up five miles away, and Captain Riley moved the boat into position as we sat on the edge of our seat on the first pass, nothing; and Riley is looking over at me. I know what he?s thinking, no words need be said.

    Then dn the first turn the port outrigger pops and a big fish is running with the blue/white 17 inch spreader bar. That one pops and the Green Slammer Bar is hit and then the two flat lines go off. The two flat lines are pulling Reel Draggin? Tackle six inch slammer Daisy Chains with mini birds and they produce two small yellow fin, one for the box and the other goes back in the drink. The third fish is a big one, about fifteen minutes later we gaff a 113# big eye, he took a Reel Draggin Tackle Big Eye from the Hawaiian Eye Collection. Wasting no time, the crew is putting lines back in and Joe is getting the Muff Diver back on the fish. Two passes later and five lines go off; these are really big fish, line is ripping line from the 4/0 Avets. For the next thirty minuets the Reel Draggin? Tackle Team battles five Big Eye Tuna, one is lost in the fight as it went under the boat and we boat the other four. All four took either a Reel Draggin Tackle Green Slammer Bar with mini birds or the Green Slammer Bird chain. The 4/0 Avets made short work of the task. We brought all four fish to the gaff in about thirty minuets. Light tackle pulling light weight spreader bars, it was the ultimate test and the meat on the dock is the result. The best producer was our new Reel Draggin Tackle, Green Draggin Slammer bars and Daisy chains, with or with our mini birds. The event started at 0830 and by 1030am we had no more space for fish and headed in early.
    We would like to thank Captain Joe Riley and Mate Joey of the M. Diver for putting us on the fish and Joey for keeping us organized in the cockpit. I would not have believed that fighting five Big Eye Tuna and boating four of them could have such a smooth operation.
    Ken Lahr
    Captain of the Fishing Vessel Round-Tuit
    Owner, Reel Draggin' Tackle
    ?Always gassed and ready for an emergency Fishing trip!?

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    Capt. Ken Lahr
    Canyon Draggin'

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    Nice post and nice pix....that's what I'm talkin' about. Kick ass tuna trollin' !!
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    First off Welcome Aboard Ken,What a bunch of great info and pics ,It may not be such a long winter after all .With reports like this one we may have to head south for a long weekend.

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    Nice! He's on the site just over a day and slams us with a pic like that and the Fish Tale to boot!

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    Great Report and Fish Tale - I have caught Yellow fin, Blue fin and all the lessor tuna types out of OC MD but never a Big Eye. Looks like I will have to take the boat out early this year!
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