We had quite a variety of weather this past week. First was a couple of days of Global Warming, followed by a wannabe
hurricane that passed offshore Thursday evening, which resulted in a real lousy forecast for Friday, which caused a lot of
trips to be canceled. Of course the Friday weather was great. Then over the weekend there was a little southerly, making
offshore fishing pretty exciting, especially on Sunday.
As far as the fishing is concerned I can almost just paste in last weeks report.

The bass fishing is pretty good, but there are a lot of shorts being caught, too many. There are also some nicer fish,
mostly being caught on porgies. But using the porgies doesn?t give a lot of action since the baits are too big for the
majority of fish that are here now.

The fluke fishing is unchanged, with a lot of shorts and occasional three to four pound fish. Some doggies are still
around, but becoming less of a problem. The biggest news on the fluke front is that it looks like the regs will be tightened
up even further next year. They are looking at reducing the overall fluke quota by 40% or more.

Shark fishing is sort of what we call ?one bite? fishing. There are few bluesharks, so there is not a lot of action. But when
that one bite comes it is likely to be either a mako or thresher. And, if you get that one bite, you are likely to get another.

I haven?t heard much about the tuna this week.

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