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Thread: The past couple days

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    The past couple days

    Wednesday evening my wife had to work late but when she got home I was already sitting in my car ready to go fishing. She didnt want to come so I ran out alone. At this point whats another $100 in fuel. I had about 20 live bunker but about half died on the way out.(this warm water is killing me) and about 25 fresh dead. So I ran to the reef where we hammered them the day before. about 5 miles from the spot I see only 1 boat fishing the reef on the radar. I get to the spot and see my buddy chuck and a bent rod. I setup start a drift and hooked up within 30 seconds. Heading back to start my second drift I stopped by chucks boat and took a couple of pictures of him landing a nice bass. Start my drift and hit another. The Lost the tide and the wind was picking up. I tried for about another 45 mins and hit one more. now the seas were getting pretty nasty so I called it an evening. All fish were released to fight another day. Had a long bumpy ride back to the dock but it was worth every minute.

    Thanks chuck for these pictures

    Thursday night I had a charter but the wind and waves were not in our favor. I called the guy and gave them a chance to pick a better evening but they still wanted to go fishing. I let them know in advance that we couldnt get out to the reefs for bass but we could stay in the harbor and get blue fish. So we headed out and caught a ton of bluefish. The action was so hot I went to fishing only 2 rods. It turned out to be a very fun night.

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    We got it happening now don't we? My report is so close to pats, i'll just ride on his coattails here. Except i stayed out another 2 hours, the water calmed down a bit, so im gladd i put in a few more hours. wasnt so bad of a ride back at 1030. Thanks for thinking and snapping my pics pat.
    believe it or not...the guy holdin the bass is my brother
    kept 3 for thier plates

    and the next day with my friends boy..his first

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