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Thread: sharkin 7/30

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    sharkin 7/30

    Left mystic around 5:00am with my son, uncle Larry, Waynsworld and Crazy Ivan. Had a tough start, haven?t used the boat much and boy has she fowled. Boats at my marina have had a huge amount of growth this year, more than years past. Could be the wet June, fresh water in the river, not sure. All the boats from my marina fishin the JB are getting hauled and cleaned. Anyway, had to have two brave souls dive on the boat to clean of the growth, barnacles on the wheels/shafts/etc.

    So, we head to the east towards the Claw, found the temp break and set in a little late. Catch a blue shark or two and than we get a bigger fish. As we?re fighting that fish a nice little mako swims through the slick. A pitch bait is thrown on its head and he makes a fast spin and engulfs the bait. We knew this fish was keeper size, but probably not a big jawz qualifying fish. We were still fighting a larger fish which hadn?t been ID, so we were getting spread a little thin. Manage to get a tail rope on the mako while we fight the other fish. After another 10 minutes, as suspected, the larger fish is ID as a blue. We keep the mako in the live well as we continue fishin for a while. Catch a few more blue sharks with some being good sized. Decide even though we would not enter the mako in the big jawz tournament that it would still be a nice fish to take for the table. Rack the gills, secure the fish, clean up the junk and steam for home. Fish weighed 130# at Ford?s Lobster.

    Temps went from about 72 to 69 as we approached the claw and we ended the day in about 73 deg water. Drift was nice in the morning but started to tie out after noon. Based on Gerg?s report, we saw those guys on the way back.

    Very nice day with a great crew. We had lots of fun and brought back a fish. Can't ask for much more than that!!

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    nice job pete, crew.....erics out on the northeast angling trip as camera boat they also headed east i will know more tommorow on the outcome. jim

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    Nice fish Pete, steaks for all!

    We got a nice Mako out east as well. Way east LOL......

    Also did well with Mahi Mahi yesterday.

    I'll put up a report at some point when I can get a few pics organized.
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