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    i have looked all over the internet with not one good answer. Are hammerheads good eating? i know bonnetheads are i mean real hammerheads.

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    I did a search as well. The only mention I found was a fishing website in New Zealand that did NOT recommend eating them. (I'm getting a feeling that it might be like trying to eat a blue shark... you can do it but its not anything you want to eat).

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    see i was under the impression they were good eating. i would like to find out before i catch one. a few years back when i was newer to the offshore world we got a tiger. we were unsure but my buddy knew a guy that will eat anything. told us he ate a blue dog once and liked it. so we stuck it. figured if it started to stink we would give it to this guy. man did it stink! the guy ate the whole dam thing and loved it! i would rather not have to smell it on the ride in again and im not about to kill a shark and leave it behind.
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