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Thread: Fisng Rods For Sale

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    Fisng Rods For Sale

    Im clearing out some fishing gear that I never use. most of These rods been used at most 2 times since i bought them.

    Tica boat master. Model # bulb916801 5' 6" 40 to 100 class. $60

    Shakespeare tidewater btw60 sunr med/heavy action. 40-130 class. Used 3 times. $40

    Star B50/100rhc 5ft 9in 50-100 lb class. All roller guides. This truely is a beast of a rod. I used it 2 times. I paid $350 for it new. $200

    Penn torque jigging series rod. Used 1 time. Model # tj8013c58. 5ft 8in 50-100 class. $5o

    Penn senator wire line rods. I have 2 of them. I used them a few times a season. The both have alittle corrosion where the reel attaches. $50 each or both of them for $80

    Penn special boat rod. Model psb 6630 6ft 6in 20-40 lb class. It has a Penn 113 h 4/0 reel. it is like new condition. I used it 2 times. $125
    For more info send me a pm or email me at or text me at 2036194753
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