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Thread: New CT regulations 3/17/2017

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    New CT regulations 3/17/2017

    Fluke up to 19" and 3 fish limit

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    Good luck for those fishing the eastern part of CT, in meeting the creel limit. Not an overabundance of fluke that size. You had better develop a taste for scup as that species is considered to be under-fished currently.

    Actually I prefer scup on the table over fluke and while not as fast to fillet, it is not hard to do. Never had any luck in freezing scup.

    Surprised they kept togs regs as that species in getting itself into real trouble. Last season there was a very poor ratio of fish caught to keepers.

    I never caught a red drum. I doubt if I would know one if I did catch it. Are they even in CT waters?
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    reg changes

    Scup get ready for questions about porgy tips instead of fluke tips this year haha
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    . . .....I agree Scup. Going to be hard staying in our area and reaching your limit. ......but that's why I didn't fish local all that much last year. My cousin comes out of Shaffer's and fishes that area. ....he was happy when he caught a couple keepers. it fluke or sea bass. I was blasting over to MNTK and getting a boat limit on both with really decent sizes. I did find a couple really good sea bass spots off Fisher's... .. ....and will fish my (closer) wrecks again for big scup/sea bass.
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    Why scup is not being over fished, is because the market price has dropped to the point where it just does not pay for commercial guys to target them. The frozen Asian fillets have mostly replaced them.

    Some (including me) believe that CTDEEP was, in a large part responsible for the decline in scup's popularity. There was a time not too long ago I was getting $2 per pound. However, the way CTDEEP managed this species was by fooling around with season openings and closings. Hence, the supply to retail markets was intermittent. Picture someone heading into a market to purchase an inexpensive fish for their their family only to be told "sorry we have no scup today, the season is closed". Retailers and customers had to find something that was always available and frozen Asian fish fit the bill perfectly.

    I never could figure out a way to preserve scup, they have a very fine and delicate favor which just seems to be destroyed fairly fast by freezing. I tried vacuum freezing and even freezing them in a block of ice but never cared for them afterward. Even tried smoking them, that was pretty good but a lot of trouble for what it was worth and never tried to freeze smoked fish.

    All in all, the public desires moved more to frozen Asian fillets. No market and the price drops. Most pin hookers could not afford to fish for something that could drop to less than 25 cents per pound. I was also a scup pot guy, and the situation was even worse there. One has to bait scup pots with clam snot for them to work. The clam snot used to be $10 per 4 gallon pail. Now it is up to around $13. Even worse, the bait dealers started to dilute the clam snot with water to stretch their apparent product. I used to be able to fill seven pots nicely with a 4 gal pail of clam snot, now I can barely fill four pots with a 4 gal pail.

    Some pin hookers will try to anticipate when the scup price might rise to around a buck per pound, not always easy to do since prices can change daily. If it does hit or go over a buck per pound then some will target them for the usually short period that they are up.

    Another problem with scup (not CTDEEP's fault) is since we have always had low quotas we are not heavy hitters for scup. Other states really control the market and landings. More efficient methods are used to take them, hence CT is really bring up the rear.

    Right now, most of the scup landings in CT is done by trawlers, and probably as a by catch. They are not worth much, but it does not cost the trawlers anymore if a ton or so of scup get caught up in their trawl while targeting something else.

    CTDEEP knows this, so they are trying to change the commercial scup season around to favor the trawlers. They are thinking about reducing the summer season (pin hookers are not bringing in much anyway) to let the trawlers get more time at them during cold weather. They sent information out on this proposal, as to their plans but it is like trying to order something at a Chinese restaurant. Go with plan 1 and you can then pick two items from columns A and B, go with plan 2 and you can pick 3 items from A, B, and C. They must have at least 4 plans and each of them with their own permutations. Personally, unless the demand improves (not likely), I do not think any plan is going to increase the landings to meet our quota. We could be in danger of losing part of quota if we do not get our landings increased. Of all the plans presented, none of them even suggested help from the recreational community. They even now have an open limited access license for those who wish to try their hand at commercial fishing. It is a crippled license because one would need a scup endorsement letter to be able to take them. Perhaps they are worried if they open everything up, then we might swing to the far left and create an over-fishing situation. I have no idea as what they should do, but our CTDEEP seems to be in a pickle of a problem.

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    new regs

    Hi Scup

    that new ct commercial lic. lets you keep and sell 60 scup a day
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    Hooks do not believe me since I could be wrong. Before you waste $125 please call up our CTDEEP and see if you could sell even one scup without an endorsement letter. I really do not see why if our commercial quotas are not being met, then why not open things up and give somebody else a shot but that was not even on the table.

    I do not think you will find too many commercial guys who would trust our CTDEEP. The head of CTDEEP, Mr. Simpson, is a good guy, but he is somewhat hamstrung as to what he can do.

    Endorsement letters are also needed for Fluke and Black Sea Bass and my understanding was you would not get the needed endorsement letters for the $125.00.

    For something like Blue Fish, no endorsement is currently required. If I am right about everything here, then what our CTDEEP is doing would be consider by some to be really pretty low. I hope I misread the material and am wrong.

    Please post your finding after you talk to them because I really would like to know if I am off the mark as I would then have to post a correction.
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    I just opened my licensing package, and there are some caveats of what I posted. Please refer to the "2017 Marine

    Fisheries Information Circular" which can be downloaded from the CTDEEP website.

    page 11, under species endorsement: No scup endorsement is required from Nov 1, through Apr 30 when scup is

    managed under a federal coast wide commercial quota.

    So scup could be taken with the Restricted Commercial License without an endorsement letter assuming you are a

    cold weather fisherman.

    To be honest, CTDEEP has me so confused that I purchased both the open restricted commercial license and my

    regular Limited Access General Commercial Fishing License, not to mentioned my commercial vessel permit

    . Not sure if I really understand what is going on so I thought I better get both, use both, and perhaps

    dump the one I do not need to save $$$. Currently I can use fish pots, cannot with the $125 license, my gill net would

    have to be scrapped along with my fyke net, and the higher creel limits typically associated with the use of pots would be gone. It is really a

    hard thing to figure out, there are so many variations inherent in the complicated selections.

    Even worse, I have no idea of what the CTDEEP might enact tomorrow, like ending the use of fish pots for togs since that species is in trouble. A small
    guy like me could end up with a lot of semi-worthless ground gear for sale.

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