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Thread: Montauk Sportfishing Report 6/17/17

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    Montauk Sportfishing Report 6/17/17

    Star Island held the first shark tournament of the year overthe weekend with OK fishing, similar to last year with only one bluesharkmaking the cut. The biggest fish, a 760 lb. mako didn’t make the cut eitherbecause it was a half hour too late. The results are as follows;

    1st place mako – GOTTA GO - 453 lbs
    2nd place mako – THE MANDIBLE - 430 lbs
    3rd place mako – FISH ON - 333 lbs

    1st place thresher - MOUNTAINEER - 378 lbs
    2nd place thresher – JUST TRIPPEN - 298 lbs

    1st place blueshark – CONTENDER TOURNAMENT – 229lbs

    Striped bass fishing is very good with the charterboatseasily picking up limits along with some shorts and bluefish. The diamond jigsare working well to if you are at the right place, usually the Elbow or PorgyLump, at the right time. The boats that like to fish over at Southwest Ledgehave been doing OK over there with a better class of fish and less boat trafficto annoy them

    Fluke fishing continues to be difficult. To catch a limit ofthree fish per man you need to put in a full day and also get a little lucky.It’s best if you wait for ideal conditions to try them. The porgy fishing ishot and there are some humongous ones around, even eating the diamond jigs.Seabass are still verboten, but some are being picked up and released by guysfishing fluke or stripers. But if you venture out to deeper water where youwould normally fish for them you have a good chance of catching doggies.Hopefully they will leave before the season opens up.

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