Some schoolie bluefins have showed up about 20 miles southof the Point and based on what I heard on the radio Saturday they are beingpretty cooperative. They seem to be in the 30 40 pound class with occasionalbetter fish mixed in. Hopefully they stick around for a couple of weeks likethey did last year, but the water is pretty hot. I thought my sea temp guagewas busted when it showed 78 degrees around mid-day.

If you are interested in sharks, you have to be patient. Youare not going to catch a lot of them, but you have a good shot of catchingsomething interesting. I know of big makos, big threshers, regular sized makos,small blue sharks, regular sized brown sharks, tiger sharks and hammerheadsbeing caught over the past week.

Inshore the fluke fishing is holding up well, with keepersbeing caught both near shore and out in the deep water with the best of itoffshore. The only caveat is that you want good weather and it looks like wewill have that for the foresable future.

Striped bass fishing is still hot with lots of big fisharound. But the handful of charter boats that like to fish Southwest Ledgebecause of big fish with light traffic have stopped going over ther because ithas dropped off considerably.

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