Well, we just had the first northeaster of the fall, but itwasn’t as bad as it was supposed to be, only lasting through Saturday with norain but a bunch of wind.

Star Island will hold its MAKO MANIA PLUS THRESHER AND TUNA tournamentthis weekend and the local offshore fishing is doing just fine with a lot ofmakos around. Tuna on the other hand might be a problem. We have had fairbluefin action on the west Bank for the last couple of months with 50 or sopound fish. But true to my luck when I went out there Friday all I could findwere dwarfs around 24-25 inches. Of course the little blow could have changedall of that.

Inshore it seems like the fluke are getting a little trickierwith Cartwright and Rocky Hill dropping off, although there are plenty ofseabass out there.

There are still plenty of big stripers around and willlikely remain that way for at least the next month, and live porgies arecatching better lately.

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