The 50` Charter boat "Mistress' has pioneered new Marlin grounds off Fraser Island Australia Tagging and Releasing 114 Marlin in 44 days fishing ( comprising 87 Blues, 20 Blacks, and 7 Stripes). Blues avge 400lb and lost Two estimated Granders?

The Juvenile Black grounds are 50 miles from the nearest port, and the Blue/Stripe grounds 75 miles. Thus the area hasn`t been worked hard by the local Trailerboat fleet. Mistress does min 3 day Liveaboard Charters to make it work.

Fraser Island is the biggest Sand Isld in the World at 100 miles length.It is a spectacularly beautiful National Park. It has Barge access for 4WD vehicles. The nearest town is Hervey Bay which has a well serviced Airport, and good accom, and restaurant facilities.

It is easy to catch a slam.Mistress can be contacted via