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Thread: weekend report

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    weekend report

    Saturday had 4 guys out...I normally limit it to 3, but they were from out of town, and limited to the day and persons, and wanted to mainly target some porgy, They wanted to stop and maybe do some blues and bass..They wanted to bring thier own rods/reels. We pulled away leaving my gear in the truck, Unfortunately the setups they had were in dire need of re spooling! we snagged up a live well full of bunker, headed out to my spot, and they proceeded to loses fish after fish....arrrrghhhh. after frustrated, i suggested we get to plan a, which was the porgy......they snagged bottom 15 times, and lost almost all the rigs.....we did mange to boat a cooler full of porgy....Live and learn...I will always have my gear on board! it is all quality gear, and always good line.

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    forgot SUNDAY!!! took out a friend who is doing work at my house.....we ran a little further to find some fish, and we found em again! 3 bass approx 25-30 was a bit further than normal, but bass none the less.....frigid cold both mornings...Isn't it August???????

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