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Thread: I got some Good News & Some Bad News

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    I got some Good News & Some Bad News

    That was what I told Rich & Gino last night as we were pulling out of the slip. The good news is there was fish out there, the bad news was they were all blues and had no stripes. They were great guys and replied, "we at least we got a cooler full of BEER, so we are going to have a good time anyway"

    Well we got to a spot, made one drift, when we figured out how the drift was, we re-set, drop down 2 swimmers, made our second drift, we had some good news, and some bad news, the bad news was rich had a blue fish, the good news....Gino popped a 25 pound Bass !!!!! Skunk off, they were ready for some BEER!
    Good news/bad news for the remainder of the evening, good news was Gino had the HOT side of the boat......
    Fighting thru the blues we mangaed 2 keepers, and 2 short Bass, Many bluefish...which were up to I would guess 12 pounds.
    Bad news was after dark....Nada
    Here are a few pics of the awesome conditions, sunset, calm, cool, clear...what a night
    Gino with the keepers

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    good goin u ........................

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    Leave it to you Chuck, you always find the the fish. Bluefish or otherwise, you know where to hit'em.

    Nice Report !!!
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