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Thread: They wanted action

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    They wanted action

    I had a 3 man charter this morning. When I Asked them what they wanted to fish for they said Bass, Blues whatever will give us the most action. So I Put 20 bunker in the livewell and another 60 in the cooler and made the run to "FullMoon Reef". The action started on the first drift and never ended. It was so Hot I gave the guys an extra couple of hours. I lost count of bues but there was alot up to 15lbs. We only ended up with 1 Bass due to the blues Blasting the bait as soon as we started drifting up the reef. We ran back in around 10:30 with no bait in the cooler and a full fish box.

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    Great Report...and nifty of you to use the ol' "Full Moon Reef" LOL.

    You know, I have to ask, what to these folks do with all the Bluefish they keep? Do they ice'em all down, cold, immediately?, or just throw them in "the box" to much up like Blues do? Smoked Bluefish is pretty good, as can be grilled, if the fish was iced down hard and kept that way from catch, to clean, to cook. You see the ol' PB scene, where they just bag'em up in potato sacks, 'cuz most of the fares have not clue on what is happening to their "prized catches.

    Beyond that, they are bait to me (bellies for fluke) and chum for the sharkers.
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    Full Moon Reef...LOL way to put then in the mix.....we need that waypoint i call "REELCRAZY" to start producing quality bass again this year....I will make a stop there saturday morning.

    Great report.

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    I think that spot will start getting hot mid september this year. It was very odd last year it started so early.
    How did you make out last night?

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    last night was a little weird...see my report in this section! titled
    "what the.....?"

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    Nice Report Captain


    Great report, bass fishing on Race Point in P-Town has been slow with lots of blues around though. Each morning the tuna fleet is hitting them on umbrella rigs to drift them for giants. Thanks for the updates.
    Capt Dave Waldrip

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