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Thread: What the......?

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    What the......?

    my season ticket holders came out for a relaxed style pressure, maybe get a few fish, try some different we made the first stop at the hot spot of late, unfortunately, it wasn't hot like it was for Reel Crazy. We only popped 1 blue, and 1 bass about 32"(set free), not the usual tear up 40 bunker trip. after dark we went to what i call "the hill" where we anchored up and threw the hometown buffet at em, these 2 guys had 6 lines out, chunks, fillets, whole dead, live name it they had it out......and they were chumming like mad!!! they got it rolling, hooking up with a dozen blues, and 4 bass.....unfortunately, only one was a keeper(35"), but it had something wrong with it.....i tried to take some pics, and here they looked like a big growth....we all said at the same time "what the ......."
    anyone ever see this? what the it?

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    Was that the same spot you got all the other messed up fish earlier in the season?

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    It's a tumor....probably from our clean LIS waters. :shock:
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