making: Clipping the end off leaves a sharp point. Solution: If you make your barrel wraps very tight you can break the end off by bending it back and forth. This will leave your leader smooth. Use a square nosed pliers to hold the loop when twisting your leaders. If you are doing both ends, do the hook end last and point the hook tip towards your pliers so that you don't snag your twisting hand.

Tip for using: One of the keys to using solid wire is to keep it straight, straight wire is invisible wire so replace it when it gets curled or kinked. Another tip is to only use what you need. For most of my fishing in this area that requires steel I use only 6" of steel leader made with #3 to #6 wire. The only exception would be large sharks and tarpon fishing in Boca Grand Pass. Solid wire leaders are the preferred steel leader material by the pro's. The other types of steel leader material will save you time but if you want to catch more fish, solid wire is the way to go!!