Drove up to Mystic CT with my friend Rob to fish for two days with Jim from Arctek marine and Eric the frst day and Jim and Roy on day 2. The water was beautiful and there was bait everywhere!! I started off with a bluefish under birds and then caught a 3LB Sea Bass under the birds. I thought that was very odd. We started to fluke fish a little after 8:00 am and caught many nice fluke. There were so many that were just under the 18 inch limit. I bet you we caught well over 100 fluke all day. We ended up with 15 nice keepers to about 6LBs.

Sunday 08/06, we did the fluke thing again with Roy Prue joining us. It was another beautiful day, but the wind was in a completely different direction and the drift was very fast most of the day. We had a little more trouble locating the fish, but still managed about 10 or 11 keepers. The fishing was surely worth that 4 hour drive back to NJ in the mad traffic. Will probably be back up in a few weeks, hopefully for Tuna this time.