Last weekend we had great fluke fishing, and for big fish. Then on Monday we had 20-25 southwest, and that knocked
put the fish off for a couple of days, and by the weekend things were great again. Now on Sunday we had some more
southwest breeze, so we? might have to wait a day or so for it to pick up again.

The striped bass fishing is pretty good, but there is a ?but? to it. If you are in the right place at the right time, you can get
some real nice sized fish. If you are not there for that magic half hour or so, you will have to do with small fish and

The yellowfin action is pretty spotty right now, and day trips to the 500 line are not producing much except for the mahi
that hang around the pots. On the edge itself boats are getting a few fish trolling at dawn and dusk, but that?s about it.

The MISTRESS TOO was over at the Mudhole on Saturday trying to catch a bluefin. Apparently there are plenty of
them there, ranging from small to giant, but they are kind of line shy. Bart went down to thirty pound line, but would
watch them eat every butterfish except the one with the hook in it.

Shark fishing is now ?I hope I get a bite? fishing, in other words slow. If you do get a bite it is most likely a big blue one,
or a small mako, but there is also the possibility of a hammerhead or tiger, but not much chance of a thresher anymore.

Next weekend Uhlein?s is holding the Mercury Grand Slam Tournament, an inshore contest with points awarded based
on the weight of the various inshore species. For more info call 631 668 3799 or go to

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